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Security systems have three basic components: Sensors: Small devices placed around a home or business, which detect signs of trouble. Different sensors “watch out” for different things and trigger an alert if it happens. For example, some trigger if a door is opened, if glass is broken, if there’s movement in the room, or if they detect smoke. When triggered, the sensor sends an alert signal to the Control Panel. Control Panel: The nerve centre of the alarm system, which manages all sensor activity and sends alerts to the Monitoring Centre. You use the Control Panel to arm or disarm the alarm system, as well as to customize your settings. Monitoring: Every alarm system should be monitored 24/7, in order to respond to alerts from the Control Panel. When alerts come in, the monitoring team contacts both you and the proper authorities, to quickly keep your home and family as safe as possible.

A noisy alarm could possibly scare some burglars away. However, research shows that most burglars know they only have to gain entry and disable the Control Panel – and then they can proceed with ransacking your home. Alarms alone don’t keep you very safe. You need a security system that takes action in case of emergency – notifying both you and the proper authorities. This response is especially critical if you are away from home, or disabled. In the case of fire or other dangers (non-burglary), a noisy alarm won’t do much good at all.

Smart Alarm systems are interactive, which means you can access and control your system in a variety of ways. Most customers love our online access via computer, tablet or smartphone. We also offer a convenient Keychain Remote that allows you to arm or disarm the system from outside the house. This handy device includes a Panic Alarm in case of emergency. It’s the most convenient way to stay safe!

Smart Alarm is the only nationwide alarm company to have deployed 100% wireless/cellular, pre-programmed security systems for every customer. That means our system is not dependent on your phone line, internet connection, or any other system in your house and is already pre-configured when it arrives, so all you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in and put up your sensors! The sensors connect to the Control Panel wirelessly, for quick and easy installation, without drilling or complicated wiring.  The Control Panel alerts the Monitoring Centre using a built-in cellular signal. This type of technology is safer than traditional wired alarm systems, because it won’t fail when your landline goes down. With no wires for burglars to cut, it’s virtually undefeatable.

Smart Alarm takes advantage of technology in order to make your alarm system safer, simpler, smarter and more convenient. Our system is interactive – so you can tell it what you want it to do, and it will give you the security information you need. Options available include: • Email/text/phone messages alerting you to sensor activity – whether it’s an intrusion at your home, a power outage, or your kids arriving home from school • Free mobile app so you can access and control your system from the road • Online access, so you’re always in touch • Live video feeds from your house to your computer or smartphone • Home automation features such as light control, climate control and remote lock access

All Smart Alarm monitoring plans protect you against intrusion, fire, environmental dangers and medical emergencies, for no extra charge. All Smart Alarm systems are wireless, with cellular monitoring – no extra charge. Shipping is free.  No installation fee.  No charge to move your system to a new home. Do you see the pattern here? We hate hidden fees. You may find that the other security companies are not so upfront with their pricing.

Yes, wireless/cellular systems really are safer! A wireless system is not dependent on your phone line, internet connection, or any other system in your house. The system won’t go down if your landline or internet goes down. All the communication is built into the system itself. Using this built-in cellular signalling technology, a Smart Alarm Control Panel alerts the Monitoring Centre in case of trouble. This type of technology is safer than traditional wired alarm systems, because there are no wires for burglars to cut. The wireless sensors provide an added bonus. They connect wirelessly to the Control Panel, for quick and easy installation. No drilling or complicated wiring. Smart Home is the only nationwide alarm company to have deployed 100% wireless/cellular pre-programmed security systems to every customer.

Yes, Smart Home definitely caters to renters. Since our home alarm systems don’t use wires or phone lines, they are simple to set up and even easier to remove and take with you to the next place. We won’t lock you into a long monitoring contract and we won’t charge you if you move.

Once you have installed your sensors and plugged in the Control Panel, just arm your system and trip a sensor – it’s that simple!

Start with the points of entry: 90% of break-ins occur through the front or back door, so ensure that all accessible doors have sensors. Ground-floor windows may be protected by individual sensors, motion sensors, or glass break sensors, depending on the layout of your home or business. Smart Home is truly a customized alarm system, so just call us and speak to a consultant. We’ll help you build the right security system for you.

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