ADACS Smart Alarm Panel

ADACS Smart Alarm Panel with 3G Sim is a 24/7 Smart Security & Automation at your fingertips.

• Provides 24/7 professional life safety monitoring;
• Get real-time alerts – anywhere, anytime on any device;
• Z-Wave Automation Control is the most advanced system;
• Panel can be forever updated with the latest firmware, remotely.


Door/Window Reed Sensors

Our door and window sensors provide ultimate protection for anything that opens and closes in your home.

• Wireless connectivity;
• Remote notification capability (even when system is disarmed);
• Size is less then 2cm;
• 5-year battery life;
• Easy set-up;
• Portable for easy location changes;
• 3-year manufacturer warranty.

PIR Motion Sensors

Our motion sensors let you monitor home activity by detecting motion when you are away.

• Wireless connectivity;
• Remote notification capability;
• 80-degree horizontal coverage;
• 25 metres radius range;
• Ideal for large rooms or common areas;
• Adjustable positioning for pet movement;
• Pet friendly for most pets up to 20 kgs;
• Reduces window sensor dependency;
• 3-year battery life;
• Easy set-up with wall mount adhesives.


Glass Breaker Sensor

Our glass break sensors detect the unique sound and frequency of breaking glass.

• Wireless Connectivity;
• Remote notification capability;
• Easy set-up;
• Portable for easy location changes;
• Small size for low visibility.

Smoke/Heat Detector

Our smoke and heat sensors provide highly-effective fire protection through comprehensive, fully monitored detection.

• Wireless connectivity;
• Internal siren;
• Remote notification capability;
• Immediate notification to the Smart Alarm Monitoring Centre;
• Recommend 1 on each floor and common hallway sleeping area;
• 2-3 year battery life;
• Easy set-up with wall-mount adhesives.


Keyfob Remotes

Our keyfob remote makes controlling your alarm as convenient as grabbing your keys.

• One-touch alarm/disarm capability;
• Personalised remote codes so you know who’s alarming and disarming your system;
• Panic alarm button for surprise intrusions;
• Wireless 100-foot range from control panel capability;
• Arms system in STAY or AWAY mode;
• Lithium coin battery with 5 years life.

Desk Stand

Our desk stand is sturdy and strong.


Window Decals (5 pieces)

Our window decals are placed around your premise showing that it’s protected and secured by ADACS Smart Alarm.