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ADACS Smart Alarm Detection and Control Package

ADACS Smart Alarm puts you in complete home control right in your pocket with the ADACS Smart Alarm APP. Monitor activity, arm and disarm your system remotely, view live video, control door locks and appliances and much more all from your mobile device or PC.



  • Alarm system control: Stay in touch, even when you’re on the go with remote arm and disarm of your system, adding and change user codes and access to a full, real-time event log.
  • Intelligent home control: Control lights and appliances, lock and unlock doors and view smart alarm cameras.
  • Manage your notifications: Manage email, text and push notification settings to ensure you’re always made aware of any alarms or events within your home.

Start creating your wireless, ADACS Smart Alarm System today.

Enjoy keyless convenience

ADACS Smart Door Lock

Ditch bulky keysets for good. Enjoy keyless convenience, as well as increased awareness and control of who enters your home with an ADACS Smart Door Lock. Install an ADACS Smart Door Lock as part of your ADACS Smart Alarm System.

ADACS Smart Door Lock


  • Allow access to your home remotely: Use your ADACS Smart Alarm APP to lock and unlock your front door from your mobile phone.
  • Program unique digit codes: You can program this for family, friends and contractors. These can be entered on the keypad and used to lock and unlock the door. Unlike spare keys, codes can be easily edited and deleted for added security measure and convenience.
  • Receive real-time notification: You can receive these via your ADACS Smart Alarm APP when a door is locked and unlocked, and the user that has unlocked it. You’re made aware of who is entering and at what time to provide that added peace of mind.
  • Secure and protected: Receive alerts on any tampers or damage to the lock, giving the user an added sense of security.

Add an ADACS Smart Door Lock to your ADACS Smart Alarm System.

Remotely view everything from your front door

Video Doorbell

Your front doorstep is a very busy place. Never miss a moment with an ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell. Remotely view everything from your front door at all times. Use the ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell as a stand-alone product, or integrate it into your ADACS Smart Alarm System to enable:


  • With its sleek design, this wireless ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell will fit seamlessly into your doorway.
  • Stop porch pirates in their tracks. Each ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell is equipped with a motion sensor, so you can receive a push notification on your phone and smart detection will record and store a video clip whenever there is any activity detected at your front door. You’ll know they’re outside even if they don’t ring the bell!
  • 2-way voice and 1-way video make it possible to not only see but have a conversation with whoever is on your doorstep even when you’re away.

Add a wireless ADACS Smart Alarm Video Doorbell to your ADACS Smart Alarm System.

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